Your experience and knowledge are important for us.

Today there are over 96 million qualified women who are economically inactive because of an interruption in their careers. Many of them wish to return to the workforce but can't do so as there is a lack of employment opportunities and conciliatory measures in companies. In other cases, they feel disconnected and feel they are not able.

The world is missing out on important opportunities by allowing so much talent remain encased within four walls. But, at Vodafone, we wish to remedy this. With ReConnect we hope to facilitate your return ticket to the world of employment. We think it's necessary to improve opportunities for women in the workforce urgently and (we are not denying this) we place our trust in them. We take care of making the opportunity easier for you by applying our Talent ReConnect Programme. But, if you have not been able to participate, we want to accompany you on your journey towards reconnection.

How are we going to do that? To start off, we would like you to learn about other women who were in a similar situation to yours and have successfully reconnected at Vodafone.

Rabiya Rizwan
"This program offered me the opportunity to choose a role where I see myself best fit in"
Amber Quinell
"Therefore allowing me to be at my best when I'm the office, but also be a great mum while I'm at home."
Christina Ankrah
"I felt like I didn't missed a bit from corporate life"
Burcu Erdur
"I had challenges and obstacles on the way. However, I managed to do what I expected what I ambition for."
Karin Meurk - Harvey
"The support I've been giving from Vodafone has been amazing."
Sophie Rice
"My Reconnect Story is about me going back to work afte a three years and a half career break"
You've already seen how possible it is to reconnect with the world of work. However, before getting yourself back on track you have the opportunity of giving a new twist to your career. There are a lot of new professions which may fulfil your ambitions and could be a real challenge for you. We have shown you above some inspirational stories from women.

Finally, we want to give you the possibility of seeing what is your level of connection to the digital world and what are the next steps to take on your journey. Click on our digital diagnostics quiz below to find out more.